Chocolate Birthday Party in New Jersey

Sweet! Chocolate Birthday Party in New Jersey

Host the sweetest birthday party ever by hosting a chocolate party. Kids can mold and decorate chocolate. They may dip and cover other foods in chocolate. You can't go wrong when chocolate is involved. I love that the kids are making their own party favors.

Birthday Party at Chocolate Works

Birthday Party at Chocolate Works      Various locations in New Jersey

Is your child a Willy Wonka wannabe? Maybe they fancy themselves the next John Whaley (our own master Chocolatier)? If so, Chocolate Works has the party setting for them. Kids will undoubtedly enjoy this fun, creative, and interactive party experience where they get to become a "Chocolatier for the day". Kids will have the party of their "sweet dreams" as they are allowed to mold and decorate their own, one of a kind chocolate creations.

The Actor's Garage Birthday Parties Across New Jersey

The Actor's Garage Birthday Parties   Across New Jersey

This sounds so cool, especially if you have a "dramatic" kiddo at home! The Actor's Garage will come to your New Jersey home and put on a red carpet party! Your child will star in her/his own TV show and commercial written just for them!

Baking Birthday Party Panera Bread

Baking Birthday Party with Bakers-In-Training        Select Panera Bread locations

Let's bake! Baking and birthday fun at Panera Bread! The mess stays there, too!

The Bakers-In-Training program at Panera Bread is a great way to introduce children to kitchen essentials and the fundamentals of baking.