Boo at the Zoo at New Jersey Zoos

Boo at the Zoo at New Jersey Zoos

October is such a great month for New Jersey families with fall fun and amazing Halloween events available right here in our state. Nothing says fall better than Halloween and what's better than celebrating Halloween at a New Jersey zoo. It's time for Boo at a New Jersey Zoo. Put the costumes on and head to one of our state's zoos.

We've Been BOO-ed!

We've Been BOO-ed!

Get ready! These signs pop up in neighborhoods in October. First one house has the sign then another and another as they get closer to by house. And then, it's your turn. You've Been BOO-ed! 

All Aboard! Holiday Train Rides

All Aboard! Holiday Train Rides in New Jersey

There's something magical for the kids to meet Santa on a train. It's magical for parents, too. In New Jersey, we have a number of different opportunities to take a holiday train ride with Santa. Learn more about each holiday train ride and pick the one that's best for your New Jersey family. Book your tickets as soon as possible because some holiday train rides sell out fast. Remember, one thing about trains: It doesn't matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.

What's With the Teal Pumpkins?

What's With the Teal Pumpkins?

Halloween! It's supposed to be a bit scary, but in a fun way with witches, ghosts and haunted houses. For children with food allergies, Halloween can be very scary, but not in a fun way. There's a lot of food, especially candy, with this holiday and finding treats that do not trigger an allergic reaction can be tricky. Enter the teal pumpkins!

Farms for Fall Fun for Little Ones in NJ

Farms for Fall Fun for Your Little Ones in New Jersey

October is pumpkin season. There's nothing better than finding just the right pumpkin. The little ones in your family want to be involved in all the fun fall has to offer, too. Here are some farms in New Jersey perfect for pumpkin picking and fall fun for the little ones.

Jersey Week at Disney World

Jersey Week at Disney World

Each year, the New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA) holds a convention that includes a Thursday and Friday in November. As you probably know, New Jersey public schools are closed for those days.  What do many families do in response to the schools being closed? They head to Disney World.

10 Family-Friendly Water Parks

10 AWESOME New Jersey Waterparks 

It makes for a fun family day to beat the summer heat at a waterpark. There are some great waterparks right here in New Jersey that offer great family fun. Grab the sunblock and towels. Here are some New Jersey waterparks for your family to explore this summer.

Solar Eclipse for NJ Families

Where New Jersey Families Can See the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017 a total solar eclipse is coming to the United States. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun, temporarily blocking the sun’s rays from shining on our planet. This is a rare event.

New Jersey will not have a full view of the eclipse. In New Jersey, about 75 percent of the sun will be blocked. The moon will gradually cover the sun until a maximum eclipse occurs at 2:45 pm for about two minutes. This is an amazing event to witness. See where in New Jersey you can watch the solar eclipse.

Playing with Paper Mache By Jenny Kusters

Playing with Paper Mache

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

 A few months ago, a friend and I met up for a day of shopping. Much to my surprise, she came bearing gifts! For no reason at all, I might add. The best surprise ever! It was a wonderful craft book. It has kept me inspired with so many great things to create with my daughters.

Beautify Your Potlock Salad By Jenny Kusters

Beautify Your Potluck Salad

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

This salad is a colorful and elegant way to capitalize on what the spring season provides us. By incorporating different textures and colors, I quickly managed create thing of beauty with very little work at all. This is a dish very much worth repeating, which effortlessly impresses!

Family-Friendly Festivals in August

Top Family-Friendly Festivals in August in NJ

August brings beautiful weather and lots of family-friendly festivals. Festivals are so much fun for New Jersey families to attend. We are lucky to have so many great family-friendly festivals in our state featuring great food, music and family fun. See our top picks for August festivals.

Things to do on Rainy Days at the Shore

Rainy Day at the Shore Places            Summer 2017         Jersey Shore Region

It happens. Not all the time. Not to everyone. But to some... it happens. And it is best to be prepared.  Rain. It happens. And sometimes during your vacation. You are going to need a plan.  Keep this list handy. 

Indoor Water Parks for Your NJ Family

Indoor Water Parks for Your New Jersey Family

Indoor water parks are a great location for family fun any time of year. Consistently 84 degrees and sunny inside, they are places for families to escape all sorts of weather and always be guaranteed a fun time! Many are attached to hotel resorts, allowing for leisurely overnight getaways.

Celebrate Shark Week in New Jersey

Dive in to Shark Week in New Jersey

Cue the Jaws theme song! Shark Week returns early this year. Are you ready? This year it starts Sunday, July 23rd.

Shark Week is a week of programming on the Discovery Channel devoted to sharks. From correcting misconceptions to conservation efforts to general education about sharks, this week is all sharks! Sure you can watch the shark shows from the comfort of your own home, but why not learn about sharks in person.